Sally & Russell Davis both began their careers at the famous Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans; she in Event Planning and he in Operations. From their first date (orchestrated by a Commander’s co-worker and friend), they discovered a shared interest in food, wine and hospitality, as well as a deep desire to one day create something special of their own.

In 2004, Russell opened Saltwater Grill in the Riverbend area of New Orleans.  It was here that he took the leap from operations to chef - a move he had long been wanting to make.  His local, no-frills menu was a fast favorite, making Saltwater Grill a neighborhood restaurant that not only endured, but managed to flourish in the years after Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, Sally continued her career as Brand Manager at McIlhenny Company,  maker of the iconic Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce.  Her years spent traveling the country on behalf of Tabasco provided a deep education and appreciation for the rich culinary heritage of the South.  

Eager to return to Sally's hometown and large extended family, the couple arrived in Baton Rouge in 2015 and felt the timing was finally right to combine their experiences and talents to create that long-ago restaurant they had dreamed up on their first date.  Named for their now-10-year-old daughter, Eliza Restaurant & Bar opened its doors on November 15, 2016.

The contemporary Creole restaurant has always had a very simple mission - to serve high quality southern favorites with an abundance of hospitality. True to the mission, the team at Eliza strives to deliver on that promise every day.